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YOURFIX is a communications company

At YOURFIX we are all about solutions.  The Internet provides us with the best options in communicating that the human race has ever had.  Instantaneous worldwide communication through digital channels is now everyday life.

YOURFIX is here to make that communication easy for you.  Whether you have a message you need to communicate or you are looking for information to consume, you have come to the right place.


Watch our showreel from March 2018.  It features selected clients and campaigns we have worked on during the past 2 years.

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What We Offer

YOURFIX is a Public Relations company with an in-house production unit.

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Welcome to YOURFIX PR.  We are a public relations company based in Auckland New Zealand.  We specialise in digital and have our own inhouse production unit that can provide, websites, video content, live streaming and digital marketing as well as influencer marketing and sales presentation and demonstrations.

We have 3 divisions: Platform, Production and Promotion.

How We Can Help You

We work with businesses and brands that are ready to grow and set the world on fire!  Underpinning our services is set of 8 strategies that provide the stable foundations for every interaction you will have between your potential customers, all the way through to happy, repeat customers who become vocal advocates for your brand, products, businesses, services or institutions.

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YOURFIX Divisions


We build your platorm the right way.  You need your online presence to be relevant and exciting.  You need every part of your brand to be consistent and pervasive.  From websites and social media channels through to LIVE streaming platforms.


We provide you with the ability to reach your audince through LIVE streamed Social Broadcasting.  We call it "The New TV" and nore people are watching video content through social channels than TV now.  We produce the content you need as digital assets to build your brand online.


Promote your business, brand and products online with strategically placed content and promotions through multiple channels.  Public Relations solutions are the best way to grow your brand and we can promote you both through your own channels as well as ours as soon as you are ready.

YOURFIX Solutions

Most companies try to list as many services as they can, making themselves look amazing.  Their big long list might include, building and designing websites, social media marketing and promotion, live events, live streaming, product demonstrations, PA hire, audio visual equipment, Facebook advertising, Youtube pre-roll and Google AdWords, keyword planning and SEO etc etc.  However, here at YOURFIX we don't do services, we only do SOLUTIONS.  We work with you to find the unique combination of our Platform, Production and Promotion that you need and we bundle it all together into easy monthly payments.

Customers don't buy your products, they only buy SOLUTIONS.  If you can solve their problems, you will never have to sell to them ever again.



The principal's of YOURFIX - Monique Bradley and Pete Ward - have extensive backgrounds in film and theatre, events, MC work, TV presenting, Information Technology (IT and ITC), Internet technologies, project management and education.

At YOURFIX we spend our time making your brand stand out.  We have worked extensively in the digital media and promotions space, collectively, for more than 40 years, building websites, social media marketing, running events, promotions and more. 

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