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Every business needs to make more sales, we can show you how we can do this for you AND give you the tools so you can do it for yourself.

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YOURFIX.TV - We Do Famous


YOURFIX.TV is a Social Broadcaster.  We Do Famous.  That means we build your brand with LIVE streamed TV styled shows through social media channels. 

How Do We Do This?

We help you work out what you are selling.  Then we work out the best way to visualise that.  Then we make LIVE STREAMED TV styled shows that get lots of people watching.  Then we help you promote those shows to as many people as possible (within your budget).  Then you get sales.

It's YOURFIX.TV! Making brands and businesses FAMOUS.

Social Shopping

Your Own Internet TV Channel

YOURFIX.TV provides your business with your own Internet TV channel allowing you to broadcast your brand message across multiple LIVE streamed and On Demand channels, building brand awareness and driving sales online.

yourfixtv internet channel

YOURFIX.TV Solutions

Most companies try to list as many services as they can, making themselves look amazing.  Their big long list might include, building and designing websites, social media marketing and promotion, live events, live streaming, product demonstrations, PA hire, audio visual equipment, Facebook advertising, Youtube pre-roll and Google AdWords, keyword planning and SEO, social broadcasting, social selling and social shopping etc etc.  However, here at YOURFIX.TV we don't do services, we only do SOLUTIONS.  We work with you to find the unique combination that's best for you and your business.  That's why we're called YOURFIX.  We Do Famous.

We Know Your Customers

Customers don't buy your products, they only buy SOLUTIONS.  If you can solve their problems, you will never have to sell to them ever again.

You Can Trust Us

At YOURFIX.TV we spend our time making your brand stand out.  We have worked extensively in the digital media and promotions and performance space, collectively, for more than 40 years, building websites, social media marketing, running events, promotions and more. 

We Do Famous at YOURFIX.TV!

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